Front DeskĀ 

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Rebuild My Book Bootcamp

Online course covering Renata's key strategies to using your existing patients to fill your book and maintain a full schedule. 15 lessons take you step by step with the actions and protocols you need at front desk to...

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Front Desk Full Series: Modules 1-10

The Front Desk Complete Series of modules is your comprehensive guide to mastering front desk in a modern dental practice. Covering all the essential responsibilities, tasks, skills and systems...

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Module 1: Front Desk Superstar!

For the more experienced FDC or Dental Assistant upskilling to front desk, this is the guide that will take you from good to Superstar! An overview of the role of the FDC, you will discover how to successfully manage all the tasks and responsibilities...

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Module 2:  Exceptional Customer Service

This module is your ultimate guide to exceptional service and exceeding patient expectations.  You will develop systems and procedures to ensure you are providing a consistent service that is truly personalised...

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Module 3: Productive Scheduling

Learn how to create a productive and profitable schedule that assists the practice to achieve it's financial goals. Discover how your role can positively influence profitability, cash flow, improve production...

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Module 4: Appointment Book Management

Develop structured and effective systems and protocols to successfully manage patients, cancellations, reminders, treatment flow and the appointment book including strategies to fill gaps...

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Module 5: Positive Verbal Skills

Learn effective verbal skills for appointing, patient communication and phone skills. Learn Positive Verbal Techniques, top customer service skills over the phone, conversation guides ...

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Module 6: New Patient Experience

A comprehensive 5 section guide for every dental practice that wants to provide the ultimate in patient service. Going far beyond verbal skills on the phone, you'll discover how to take advantage of each element and touch point in the NP journey. Covering elements such as the New Patient phone call in detail...

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Module 7: Patient Financials

Solid financial policies and arrangements, flexible and affordable financial options and effective communication skills are key to increasing patient treatment acceptance and collection.  Learn the key systems to implement into your practice including collection, debt recovery...

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ModuleĀ 8: Preventive Care System (Recalls)

Develop effective protocols to support the practice hygiene programs. Learn the real benefits of a modern approach to preventive care for your patients. Train your patients (and team) to value continuing care and scheduling in advance! Rejuvenate ineffective old systems...

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Module 9: Patient Reactivation

Bring back patients with incomplete and delayed treatment. Learn how to successfully reactivate patients, implement an ongoing system to manage incomplete appointments. You will develop the skills needed to effectively manage these lapsed patients including verbal skills, treatment discussion...

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Module 10: Patient Feedback & Complaints Resolution

Successfully manage negative feedback and resolve complaints to the satisfaction of your patient and your practice.  Learn how to handle a patient exiting your practice and perform an exit interview to gather important feedback. Discover how to elicit positive feedback and referrals...

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Course Overview

Download the Front Desk Series course overview detailing modules 1 -10.


New to Dental Reception Course

The ultimate guide for individuals who are joining the dental workforce at front desk for the first time. Learn all the basics to start your role as a dental receptionist including general tasks and responsibilities, customer service, verbal skills...

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Practice Management

Aspire2d in conjunction with ADAAMA and affiliatesĀ 

Team Huddle

Learn why huddles are critical to boost productivity, communication and patient care.Ā  Be prepared for the day ahead by anticipating needs, problems and opportunities. Nurture your team culture and strengthen team work...

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Team Work

Facilitate team training on team work - appreciate how great team work is achieved, remove the barriers that will derail your efforts, boost performance and satisfaction with team goals, clarify roles and responsibilities, communicate effectively...

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Practice KPIsĀ 

Start using key performance indicators as a dental practice manager. KPIs are a critical management tool for measuring and monitoring vital areas of business performance.Ā DiscoverĀ 12 important KPIs, the 6 Essential Practice KPIs you will start to track on the...

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Foundation Course: Leadership and Management

This course is highly specialised and looks at structure, culture and the work of dental teams.Ā  Participants will develop their knowledge, skills and role in dental practice management.

On completion of this course, there is an option to move up to the Diploma course...

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ILM Australasian Diploma in Dental Practice ManagementĀ 

Gain your Diploma with our internationally-recognised Diploma in Dental Practice Management within 12-18 months.Ā This course is suitable for Level 3-5 managers and has been tailored to Australasian managers.Ā  It offers academic-based learning and tutor support, covering the 6 units...

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Run a Social Media Promo

Learn how to run a successful promo campaign that will assist you generate leads (more dental clients) to grow your dental practice. Discover the marketing and promotional strategies that will drive your campaign to fulfill your goals...

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Job Interview Success

Take the anxiety and stress out of your next dental job interview by learning what employers are looking for and how to sell yourself. Learn how to prepare for each stage of the interview process. Nail the first impression, answer those tricky interview questions...

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Custom Glossy D Service

Turn your ordinary TV into an exceptional marketing tool for your practice! Custom made and branded to show case your practice, your doctors and team; to promote modern dentistry in a relaxed and modern way, to educate and inform casually without any salesy tactics...

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DIY GlossyD Template Package

A modern, beautiful and full colour magazine that plays on your patient lounge tv.  100 full colour pages and 40 templates ready to use - just drag and drop your own photos, use the treatment and services pages as is or easily edit...

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